Mickie Crimone is an organizational consultant who helps business executives redefine their leadership style and integrate a systems approach to managing both their employees and the organization as a whole. She has consulted to all kinds of organizations from small family business to complex systems and churches.

Mickie is a co-founder of The Center for Family Process in Bethesda, Maryland. She has been associated for 25 years with the late Edwin Friedman who pioneered the application of the Bowen Theory to family systems leadership. The Center provides consultation and education to clergy, business executives, educators and health care providers. Through her work with the Center, Mickie teaches a way of thinking that integrates planning, management, staff relations, and the handling of difficult members through the concept of leadership. The central tenet is that the key to an organization’s ability to function is the clarity and self-regulation of the leader.

As a leader herself, she served as the director of a wide range of public and private organizations. She began her business career as part of a four-generation family business. She conducts workshops and gives speeches on systems theory nationwide.

Mickie’s executive coaching/consulting private practice is based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and includes clients in a variety of other states as well.