The Leader’s Edge is an executive coaching/consulting firm that utilizes systems theory to focus on the leader and the emotional process involved in running a business. Whether one is the CEO or a middle manager, how a leader functions has a profound influence on the system, much more than any expertise or technique.

Mickie Crimone helps business executives to clarify their vision for themselves and their businesses, and regain the balance needed to effectively lead their organizations.

The Leader’s Edge addresses such issues as:

  • managing stress
  • resolving individual and organizational conflicts
  • creating accountability
  • communicating effectively with employees
  • understanding systems vs. individual views of behavior
  • developing emotional stamina
  • refocussing on the self as the controllable variable
  • establishing clear boundaries
  • creating a nonanxious leadership style

Partnering with an executive coach will provide you with the focus and perspective you need to effectively lead your business into the future.