Family Owned Business

The Leader’s Edge works with family business leaders to help them better understand the emotional landscape and the role of the leader in relation to the family and family business. Consultations include tracking the family business history, conducting family interviews, reviewing the balance sheet and business plan, facing conflict and finding resolution, and guiding family meetings.

Mickie Crimone is a fourth generation member of a family business who grew up experiencing the joys and challenges inherent in this unique organization.

The Leader’s Edge addresses such issues as:

  • Succession and continuity
  • Communications among siblings
  • Crisis management
  • Individual and family issues
  • Roles and role transition
  • Generational boundaries
  • Employment criteria for family members
  • Organization and management
  • Entry of new family members into the business
  • Grooming future leaders

Partnering with an executive coach will provide you with the focus and perspective you need to effectively lead your family business into the future.